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We have partnered with a team of well trained and licenced professions having vast experience in providing a bunch of some jaw dropping and adrenaline pumping activities. Our trained marshals will be guiding and supervising you throughout the activities.
We care for our campers and their safety is of utmost importance to us. Book with us and be assured for a safe yet crazy jaw dropping adventure activities.


“I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky” a beautiful song by Kelly, and today humans have made it true. We too can fly!


Camp Cedar is proud to be associated with the best location known for paragliding in Himachal Pradesh – Bir (Billing). We are the pioneers in Himachal Pradesh to start this adventure sport in this nature’s valley.


So what is Paragliding actually? Paragliding is a recreational activity, an adventure sport through which humans can fulfil their long cherished dream of flying like a bird, not exactly literally, but somewhat close to it. After Airplanes, paragliding is something which makes us very near to flying and have that bird’s eye view of earth. Paragliding has been in trend in India since last few years as an adventure sport and is performed with light weight fabric wing and harness. Here, don’t confuse yourself with Paragliding and Parasailing, they both may sound same, but are different sport. Parasailing is done on beach when the sail is attached with the high speed boat, on the other hand in Paragliding, foots are used to get that speed on ground before taking the flight.

Paragliders of Camp Cedar are licensed experts, who will accompany you while taking a ride. This is to ensure your comfort and safety during the ride. Besides they will also teach you the best way to paraglide and all the other knacks of Paragliding, which will help in your next ride and also help you to learn the sport more deeply.


Throughout India there are many beautiful sites for paragliding, but the most beautiful and the best one is Bir – Billing, located in Himachal Pradesh. Bir-Billing is literally the Paragliding capital of India, with immensely beautiful, full of nature view. Be it green forests or mountain ranges, Himachal Pradesh is rightly called as Devbhoomi. Camp Cedar proudly boast of its location amidst densely forested Oak trees of Gharnala, which is just a few Kilometers from Bir.


Camp Cedar welcome you to try and learn this daredevil sport with us at the best location of India – Bir- Billing, Himachal Pradesh, with naturistic background. Come fly with us!

Camp Cedar to Billing (paragliding take off point)-16 KM
Camp Cedar to landing point-5 KM

Mountain Biking:

A sport that takes you to heights of mountains and let you conquer it, is nothing but Mountain Biking. This is a sport for adventure junkies and people searching for some thrill beyond city life. Mountain Biking is going to test your stamina, core strength and cycle handling skills plus balance on rough terrains.


Mountain Biking in India has recently been caught as an adventure sport. With number of mountain ranges and different terrains, India has got many cycling trails. Mountain Biking is to be performed with Mountain bikes only, as the ride is going to need some gear strength. Mountain Bikes do look similar to normal bikes but are way different in functionalities. They are specifically designed to overcome hurdles on mountains, rough topographies and hence are durable as well as more flexible with ease of handling.  There are different categories of Mountain biking – Dirt Jumping, Cross Country, Enduro Biking, Trail riding, Downhill and Freeride. All require different types of mountain bikes. Cross country biking has been a part of Olympics since 1996.

Just like there are categories of mountain biking, similarly there are categories for the biking trails. Bikers may choose from some offbeat trails such as single track, back country roads, fire roads or wider bike park trails. Also if they are well practiced and are confident, they may also choose the professional and advanced trails which are specifically designed for some jumps, berms, and drop-off to bring in that thrill to the ride. All this has to be done with expert supervision to avoid any kind of injury.


Camp Cedar is located in a pristine Sub-Himalayan region and maintains many trails designed for mountain biking. We have licensed experts who accompany guests on their rides towards mountains. Our experts besides guiding you will help you learn the basics of mountain biking, how to handle bike on rough terrains, how to fix bike and bike tires when needed and other important tricks of the trade. So you don’t have to worry if you are trying this sport for the first time. In a way, life is all about learning, why not start a new sport.

Let’s take a long ride to Sub Himalayan mountains on a mountain bike.

Bungee Jumping:

Bungee jumping is something which almost everyone is aware of and is the most popular of adventure sports in India. In this a person takes a long jump from great a height while connected to an elastic rope and the best moment, that adrenaline rush when the person bounce back after the full stretched cord. Great height to take that jump can be found on mountainous cliffs, a high bridge over a river or a rivulet or from high rise building or a crane. Professionals also takes jump from airplane, which is hovered close to ground. With airplane it might sound similar to sky jump, but they are different. In sky-jump there is no elastic cord attached, it is a free fall with chute attached to the person but in Bungee jumping the person is attached with the cord and then takes the free fall without any chute.


The thrill of bungee jump is well known and is in fact desired by many. In India, this sport has recently gained popularity, with many reality shows having bungee jump in their tasks. Equipment used in this adventure sport is very important as the person will be attached to it solely while taking the jump. The elastic rope should be of high durability and strength, to take that bounce from height. To avoid any kind of injury or accident people may also opt to have a harness attached to them. But this should also be without any risk.


Camp Cedar is open throughout the year to help you fulfill your bungee jump desire. The bungee jumping site is just within 8 Km from Camp Cedar and is amidst the dense oak forest of Sub-Himalayan region. With greenery around this will be a free fall in nature’s arm. With us Bungee jump is taken under expert supervision, who all are licensed specialists and all safety measures are taken care of. You will enjoy that single step you take into the nature with us.


Feel that weightlessness when you jump, take that trust fall with us in Mother nature’s arms.

Jump Charges: INR 3300/- per person. Video included. Weight limit: 40 kg to 110 kg. Age limit: 12 to 55 years.

Sky Cycling:

Sky Biking or Sky Cycling, call it whichever you like, is one of the most daring and latest sport. This sport make you question the gravity and may tumble some of the physics laws you might have studied in school. All this happens while you keep seated on a bicycle, which is suspended on a rope 30 feet or more of height above ground.


Sky cycling is the most recent addition to adventure sports in India. It was introduced in India last year only at a height of 9000 feet, covering a distance of about 300 or more meters. Imagine the thrill you will experience riding a bicycle at this immense height. Sky Cycling need tremendous Bike handling skill, balancing, core strength as well as patience. Patience because riding few centimeters or meters will take a lot of time initially, until you get the skill of balancing the bike on a rope perfect. Once you know tricks of the trade, that is the technique of balancing on a rope, then the height of the rope will not matter anymore.


There are not many places in India which offer this exhilarating sport yet. In Bir you can experience the ride of sky cycling. The bike used in this sport is of special kind, as well as the suspension rope is of high quality. Similarly a high quality harness is used for safety purpose. Our sky biking instructors are specialists with license, they make the learning of sky biking fun and easy, which makes your hesitation and fear of height go away. Adventure sports is about letting your fears go away, making you more courageous to face the circumstances. We at Camp Cedar welcome you to take that sky ride with us!

Sky Cycling charges: INR 2400/- per person. Video included.

Burma Bridge:

We all know and have crossed a bridge on-foot at least once in our life. We all love to look beneath the bridge while crossing it and always loved the view. So how is Burma Bridge different? Burma Bridge is a fun yet thrilling sport or you might want to call an activity as it is really pleasurable to perform. Crossing Burma Bridge will test your resilience, balancing, concentration, coordination as well as skill. The first look of the Burma Bridge might appear torn and worn-out, but believe us, it is the way it is. It is designed that way only to enjoy the walk and the scenes around.


The Burma Bridge is basically a rope bridge which is suspended at a height of 50 feet or higher. At some places this bridge might be attached with wooden logs to walk on. A safety harness is attached while crossing the bridge, to let you enjoy the surroundings. The bridge goes distances of about 300 meters or more. Crossing a bridge is enjoyed when you have beautiful nature around. The Burma Bridge in Bir has the most amazing view, giving the most adventurous walk experience. Our gear as well as safety equipment is of high quality and our specialists follow all safety measures when it comes to adventure sports. Our experts are well experienced and license holders, which makes your adventure more safe and sound.


Burma Bridge can be enjoyed with family, friends as well as in corporate getaways. It is fun, entertaining as well as adventurous. Come lets cross the Burma Bridge together at Camp Cedar!

Charges: INR 1000/-. Video included.