Welcome to the paragliding capital of world-Bir-Billing.

“I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky” a beautiful song by Kelly, and today humans have made it true. We too can fly!

Camp Cedar is proud to be associated with the best location known for paragliding in Himachal Pradesh – Bir (Billing).

We are the pioneers in Himachal Pradesh to start this adventure sport in this nature’s valley.

So what is Paragliding actually? Paragliding is a recreational activity, an adventure sport through which humans can fulfil their long-cherished dream of flying like a bird, not exactly literally, but somewhat close to it. After Airplanes, paragliding is something which makes us very near to flying and have that bird’s eye view of the earth. Paragliding has been in trend in India since the last few years as an adventure sport and is performed with lightweight fabric wing and harness. Here, don’t confuse yourself with Paragliding and Parasailing, they both may sound the same, but are different sport. Parasailing is done on the beach when the sail is attached with the high-speed boat, on the other hand in Paragliding, foots are used to get that speed on the ground before taking the flight.

Paragliders of Camp Cedar are licensed experts, who will accompany you while taking a ride. This is to ensure your comfort and safety during the ride. Besides they will also teach you the best way to paraglide and all the other knacks of Paragliding, which will help in your next ride and also help you to learn the sport more deeply.

Throughout India, there are many beautiful sites for paragliding, but the most beautiful and the best one is Bir – Billing, located in Himachal Pradesh. Bir-Billing is literally the Paragliding capital of India, with immensely beautiful, full of nature view. Be it green forests or mountain ranges, Himachal Pradesh is rightly called as Devbhoomi. Camp Cedar proudly boasts of its location amidst densely forested Oak trees of Gharnala, which is just a few Kilometers from Bir.

Camp Cedar welcome you to try and learn this daredevil sport with us at the best location of India – Bir- Billing, Himachal Pradesh, with a naturistic background. Come fly with us!

Camp Cedar to Billing (paragliding take-off point)-16 KM

Camp Cedar to landing point-5 KM