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New Year 2022 Special Camping In Bir Billing | Camp Cedar


Camp Cedar Bir Embark on these 2 adventures in Bir Billing and celebrate the coming of the New Year 2022 in the hills of Himachal Pradesh. This new year party is like an adventure with music and a cracker show overlooking the amazing view of Bir Billing. On this beautiful occasion you can come to this adventure place to celebrate. This new place offers the opportunity to enjoy hiking, climbing and trekking through the beautiful village. Beautiful destinations often complete with adventures involvement new year is coming and it’s time to be ready for your upcoming family plan to enjoy the outdoors full of sunny fun . Camp cedar is here to fulfill your destination goal that you have planned with your family or friend.

camp cedar 2022

Camping Paragliding In Bir Billing Highlight

The campsite is situated on hilly terrain and surrounded by picturesque mountains, lush green meadows, and a lot more. Experience paragliding in Bir Billing, the world’s second best site for paragliding in the world. Indulge in multiple in house activities such as board games and a bonfire night with a guided nature hike to the nearby trails.

paragliding 2022

Camp cedar Bir best affordable camping in Bir Billing Himachal Pradesh with beautiful mountain View cottage and mountain biking, bungee jumping, paragliding, and sky cycling etc all games are here for you. Comfortable and affordable rooms are available here for staying. Homely atmosphere and very cooperative staff, awesome resort with superb service accommodation, food.

Swiss Cottages

swiss cottage 2022

Tents with ample sit out space and en-suite washrooms completely built on an elevated platform for a comfortable and memorable stay. This bedecked accommodation not only provides a distinct living experience but also completely blocks the entry to tiny insect/ creepers which sometimes might be quite a many in the jungle environment, thereby providing a very healthy, safe and hygienic camping environment.


Each tent is provided with one king size double bed with the possibility of additional bed complementary items including welcome drink on arrival. Dome tents are comfortable nylon tent designed for single and twin occupancy with all basic amenities required for a comfortable camping experience including mattress, quilts, mobile charging ports, portable hanging lights, camping furniture etc.

Sky Cycling 

Different experience of riding a bicycle mid air on a rope suspended at a substantial heights and covering an ample horizontal distance. Adventure seekers will definitely love the ride and also have birds eye view of the landscape around. Came along with your friends and family to experience cycling in the open air and  feel the thrill sky cycling in Bir Billing.



Camp cedar is proud to be associated with the best location known for paragliding in Himachal Pradesh Bir billing. Paragliding is a recreational activity and adventure sport through which human can fulfill their long cherished dream of flying like a bird, not exactly literally, but somewhat close to it. Paragliding has been trend in India since the last few years as an adventure sport is performed with lightweight fabric wing and harness. Para gliders of camp cedar are licensed experts, who will accompany you while taking a ride. Camp cedar welcome you to try and learn this daredevil sport with us at the best location of India.

Mountain biking

mountain biking 2022

Mountain biking in Bir Billing experience a bit of off roading enduro biking, free riding, downhill biking, cross country, trail riding or dirt jumping. Specifically designed bikes for such purpose can be hired with very reasonable pricing. There is a vast range of mountain biking in Bir billing valley it’s local environment and local use of bike riding make it easy for tourists. Mountain biking is best way to know about Bir billing valley and observe it’s beautiful green view. This valley is heaven for bike lovers and riders.

Bungee Jumping 

Feel the free and adrenaline rush, when you jump from the height of 50 metre.   Full of thirll and full of safety, full of joy and full of excitement this is just part of bungee jumping or can say highly adventures activity. Let gravitt do all the work while you enjoy the free fall. Enjoy the weightlessness and that unique sinking feeling while you break open all the shackles of fear fall at just 7 km from your campsite.

Giant Swing

Bored of swinging in some park , experience, swing in the skies with our giant swing ready to give you some real taste of some high speed mud air action in Bir billing. Very adventures and exiting activity  for tourists. Camp cedar offers experience of swing in the skies with our giant swing.




Bir, the paragliding capital of India, is also a brilliant place of camping. It is flanked by the hills of Himalayas that  are blanketed in lush alpine forests. The camp site yo will staying in is surrounded  by the gorgeous nature including  rustling forests and sprawling meadows .


Destination Highlight


This New Year,  go camping in the lush forests of Bir billing. Embark on  a short and scenic trek in the alpine jungles around Bir billing. Spend the night in dome tents pitched at a scenic campsite. Celebrate New Year 2022 around a bonfire with live music. This new year become your happiest year and enjoy your special day with your family and friends.