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Camp Cedar Bir | Best Camping Site To Enjoy A Campstay With Camping Activities in Bir Billing


Let’s do that you have never done before, come and fall in love with new adventures things with our trustworthy Camp Cedar Bir situated in Bir Billing Himachal Pradesh which is just 4 km away from the world-famous paragliding landing site at Chowgan. It is one of the most popular camping site providing you best cottages with beautiful mountain locations and another exciting activity such as paragliding, mountain biking, and bungee jumping offers you affordable prices without compromising your comfort and gives you chance to get rid over your fear.

Why you should go for camp Cedar Bir Camping?

You may experience wild through camping. It can be a great adventure as well as a way to connect yourself with nature and its beautiful environment. Just try it once in your life to fulfill your dreams and feel the real connection with mountains and greenery. Explore yourself and your feelings out of the door and grow towards your maturity of understanding the things you may bring and you should. Discover your exciting activities because life is not just all about worries and struggles somewhere it needs fun, enjoyment, and freedom.

When we decided to do new things in life, we afraid about the upcoming happening and feel scared of failure but there will be no chance of getting negative about your decision of choosing something new which can make you more confident than before. So just get ready to face the new adventures trip which will bring new change in your life.

So let the new things enter in your life and just grow up with nature and its wilderness, hope you will enjoy the sky full of stars and sleep under the blanket of blessed stars. Trust us it is just going to be an unforgettable journey of your life can make you feel mesmerized and bond with natural things.

Mountain Biking 

You may prefer mountain biking to explore green Himalaya and can observe closely to the wildlife. This is a very interesting and breathtaking experience if you want to feel in life depends on how you want to take this. There is a vast range of mountain biking in Bir Billing valley. Its local environment and local use of bike riding make it easy for tourists of biking. 

Mountain biking is the best way to know about Bir Billing valley and to observe its green view. The road passes from one village to another and you may find different experiences about our beautiful Himalayan culture. All things will be prepared under-provision and guidelines. Our Camp Cedar Bir camping site is just 4 km away from bir billing valley and we assure you about your safety. Cedarbir presents you with breathtaking scenery and great experience of mountain view because there you will not only have adventures activities but that will be an opportunity which nobody wants to lose. This valley is not just less than heaven for bike lovers and riders.


Would you like to fly under blue sky or want to feel connection with air just fly over your fear and fulfill your dream of being a fearless paragliding yes this is the best way to behold the beauty of green Himalaya and make a moment of your life. Paragliding is the actual key point which attracts the adventure activities and leaves strong thinking towards new step and different directions.

We have all the safety protocols and equipment, you will get all the safety instructions. It’s been many years that our camp is providing facilities in bir Billing valley and became trustworthy among all the camping sites. You have to follow some safety instructions and guidelines and also limitations regarding your activity that our team will provide you. So what are you waiting for just go for it.

Bungee jumping 

Full of thrill and full of safety, full of joy and full of excitement this is just a part of bungee jumping or can say highly adventurous activity. You may need your health well and body fit to face the high jumping activity from the mountain ties rope with your ankle. 

Bungee jumping is a good activity if performed under supervision and safety procedures in records. It may expand your feeling and enlarge your confidence. Usually, it is performed from high places bridges but there will be another level of excitement when it goes through mountains seems unbelievable, and dream come true if you have had.

Get the chance with your family with the help of our campsite that is Cedarbir you may find affordable prices and best accommodation of our cottages available for stay with all amenities and feel this great and unique experience with your friends and family we can assure you that you will find a new life ahead. Our official website is so contact us to make your trip memorable and unforgettable.