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Camp Cedar Bir offer Summer Camping Activities in Himachal Pradesh


Beautiful destination often completes with adventures involvement summer is coming and its time to be ready for your upcoming family plan to enjoy outdoors with full of sunny fun. Camp Cedarbir is here with you to fulfill your summer destination goals that you have planned. It is located at Village Gharnala, P/O Bir, Teh. Baijnath Himachal Pradesh 176077 is privately owned and operated camp for all the groups who loves adventure.

Why This Summer Camp Cedar bir Experience will be memorable ?

Togetherness brings happiness whether you are with family or friends. Summer days could be fun days with hilarious outdoor activities. Your summer holidays are going to be full of fun and unforgettable with your kids and family  with so much to do and so many people to meet and sharing a different experiences of life. Each moment of life will be waiting for you during your wonderful journey of summer camping.

Just get Rid Over your fear

Camp Cedar bir is like family for your family too, if you are going to join us for the first time and have some doubts please make us sure about your fear so that we can fully assure you that you are not gonna do any mistake after choosing us for your fun and adventures time. It will raise your level of excitement and  surety of memorable events too when you will come in contact with pure beauty of nature it will help you to overcome of all your fear and you will get focus on enjoying journey.

Do You Want To Know More About Us?

In Camp Cedar bir.. we are the supporters, we are the   guidance of your path, we don’t have incredible facilities but yes we have incredible ideas for all age groups to enjoy this summer holidays.

Our Activities


Bir Billing valley is best known for paragliding in himachal pradesh. This summer get ready to take advantage to fulfill your summer goals of finding something new and different. It makes you feel good  even best feeling in the world for those who are living with the dream of flying near sky. Cedarbir is here all with you people who want to fly over greenland. Your safety and security is our responsibility. You will be here only to view the beautiful site.

Bir Billing site fully loaded and rich with sports activities and paragliding is one of the best among those helps us to learn new things and experience.

Have faith in us and just fly with your dreams because first experience must be beautiful. We believe in you that you can fly  with laugh and we will make you feel comfortable and confident that you will think to come back again to rejoin us in such beautiful and adventures activities on our mesmerizing green Himalayas lands.

Mountain Biking

Moutaing biking in summer is just owsem to feel in touch with mountains. Make this summer special and yourself with one of your favorite sport activity here on bir Billing site is popular for bike riders who enjoys mountain biking depents on your training. Use your summer bike riding and work on your basic skills. It can be a milestone for you to improve your daily habits and sport activities.

It is not just about ride but a safety and focus that you gain from such experiences  , slower and faster ride doesn’t affect your confidence but yes you will surely make it possible in your daily routine. Summer is a great time to ride by testing yourself patience and tolerance about outdoor sport experience that could be adventures and full of enjoy, that is up to your efforts in heat and summer weather. You know there is something good if you choose excitable in life , like our surroundings and environment and we assure you, that will be the great feeling of yours during bike riding.

Bungee jumping

Just explore the world and release your all worries and stress. Overcome from all your fear summer gives you chance to go out and do something different which excite you internally and make you feel truly alive.

Memories doesn’t die and have some amazing memories of your dare and give strength to your mind and muscles too.

Go beyond the level of emotional situations and just found yourself  free to jump. Jump out of limitations and catch your dream if you really have it. You will stay all under our supervision, your safety is our provision and our responsibility too. So have fun on our campsite and enjoy your journey and experience with your family and friends and we will encourage you to join us again and again.